Judith Scott's Magic Cocoons

Judith Scott's Magic Cocoons
Huge multicolored cocoons, magical fetishes or spell-casting dolls?  Judith Scott was in the habit of filching sundry objects to serve as a core for each of her creations. These she would wrap up in lengths of rope, string, cords and various fabrics , so as to totally mask the central body. A self-taught creator, Judith Scott felt free to indulge in a prodigiously inventive and anarchic technique. She attended the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland (California), joining its artistic expression program.

Judith Scott's Magic Cocoons

A 36-minute film by Philippe Lespinasse, French/English, Collection de l’Art Brut/Lokomotiv films, Lausanne/Bordeaux, 2006.Reference Number FDVD12.


CHF 23.-



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