Art Brut from Japan

Art Brut from Japan

Art Brut from Japan, 28 cm, color ill., 143 pp.Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne and Gollion (Suisse), Publ. Infolio, 2008. In French, English and Japanese.

The artworks presented in this publication of Japanese Art Brut bear the stamp of refinement and delicacy that is typical of Japanese society. However, the influence of Japanese culture has very little impact on these marginal creators. The choice of subjects and the methods of representation are formulated in such a unique way that they result in truly alternative productions, shaking our principles and our points of reference.  In face of this highly efficient and competitive society, the inventiveness of these self-taught creators develops by means of a primary and instinctive process, displaying an archaic expression that endows the artworks with a universal reach. Art Brut of Japan triggers a masterly short circuit.

Art Brut from Japan



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