Lecocq, Sylvain

Tour de France bocycliste - le tour d'amour
  • Tour de France bocycliste - le tour d'amour
  • Mesdames portez vos bijoux...
  • Al bu mi eux rient
  • untitled
  • Elle avait un porte-bonheur un pt'tit cochon avec un cœu

Tour de France bocycliste - le tour d'amour

Sylvain Lecocq, "Tour de France bocycliste - le tour d'amour", c. 1949, Lead pencil and gouache on wrapping paper, 142 × 117 cm, © photo credit Collection de l’Art Brut, Lausanne


Lecocq, Sylvain ,

(1900-1950), France

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Working as a tradesman, Sylvain Lecocq marries and becomes the father of three boys. In 1942, he is operated on for an ulcer, giving up his job and withdrawing into an imaginary world. Interned in 1947, three years later he commits suicide. His intense literary and graphic output from 1948 to his death comprises poems, love letters, songs, and drawings, to produce which he salvages notebooks, kraft paper, blotters, and cardboard. He covers the entire surface of the support, filling it with a childlike and regular script in marked contrast with its delirious content.


Exhibition(s) at the Art Brut Collection