Death of japanese Art Brut author Shuji Takashi

It is with deep sadness that the Collection de l'Art Brut announces the death of  japanese Art Brut author Shuji Takashi in january 2021.

Takashi Shuji was born in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan and lived in the town of Nishinomiya. After finishing his education in a specialist school at the age of eighteen, Takashi Shuji attended the Suzukake Institution, an establishment providing work for the mentally handicapped in Kôbé. Every month he went to the art workshop connected to this institution.

Takashi Shuji produced drawings in pastels, taking inspiration from the various objects placed on his work table: vessels, fire extinguishers, pitchers, plastic water droppers, balls of wool and small brushes. In drawing, he used a rubber, a tool contrary to the Japanese graphic tradition in which rethinking does not exist, any more than correction or preliminary sketching. But he used it not to rub out or correct a mistake but to “outline” with precision the subject that he has drawn beforehand in the form of a black mass.

Artsworks by Shuji Takashi have been part of the exhibition "Japan" (2008-2009), his works can be seen at the Collection de l'Art Brut in the permanent exhibition.


Publish Date: 24.02.2021