Face-to-Face with Art Brut - March 20 through September 26, 2004

Face-to-Face with Art Brut

This exhibition of Art Brut faces - comical, burlesque, or sometimes enigmatic - welcomes the young at heart and most especially the young in age (as of 3 years). Unusual masks and singular figures invite one and all to enter the highly out-of-the-ordinary Art Brut world. On display are amazingly skillful heads that have been painted or drawn, sculpted or knitted, and this in silence, secrecy and solitude.

Their creators salvaged and assembled a variety of materials, including seashells, kneaded and dried bread, peelings, and dishware shards. In their personal approach to these materials, the likes of notably Aloïse, Maisonneuve, the Prisoner of Basel and Meani have come up with a marvelous gallery of impish portraits.

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From March 20 to September 26, 2004

Vernissage on March 20, 2004, at 4 pm


Lucienne Peiry

Exhibition Book

Lucienne Peiry, Bobines d'Art Brut, Paris, Editions Thierry Magnier, 2002.

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The exhibition Face-to-Face with Art Brut is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.