Guy Brunet filmmaker - Paravision studios - 05.06. - 04.10.2015 - June 5 through October 4, 2015

Guy Brunet filmmaker - Paravision studios - 05.06. - 04.10.2015
Guy Brunet (b. 1945) was 16 when he began filling school notebooks with screenplays (over 350 in all). Gradually, he took up drawing as well, at first using colored pencils to create his storyboards. Later he would go on to draw and paint his own movie posters on the back of those he inherited from his father (who had run a small movie house). He began by resorting to paint normally used in construction, but then turned to acrylic paint. Lastly, he began cutting out cardboard figures to portray a great number of actresses, actors, film directors and producers: these he brought alive and lent voice to, animating them within self-created, very imposing settings. This then was the last step before actually producing a film, which he carried out by attaching a little digital camera to a tripod.

A self-taught creator, Guy Brunet avails himself mainly of salvaged materials and supports: old TV sets that he dismembers, using their carcass to house his miniature settings; he also resorts to the backside of movie posters, cardboard chocolate powder cartons and LP record sleeves.
He draws on his childhood cinematographic culture for all the subjects and themes of his works, integrating the many movies he took in as a youngster at the Le Plaza movie house (in Cagnac-les-Mines, French department of Le Tarn) run by his parents from 1949 to 1961. Love and nostalgia are what have inspired Brunet to bring back to life the period that cradled him throughout his youth.

The vast fresco painting adorning the outer facade of Brunet's house represents his vision of Hollywood cinema in its heyday, namely from the 1930s thru the 1960s. As such, the painting demarcates the immediately surrounding world—an industrial setting all in grays—in contrast to the imaginary world one meets upon crossing the threshold. To enter Guy Brunet's house is to discover a whole new dimension, all in sparkling sequins, lights and colors.

Featured in this show: films by Guy Brunet and photographs by Mario Del Curto.

A travelling exhibition co-produced by the Collection de l’Art Brut (Lausanne) the lieu unique (Nantes, France,
13 april thru 29 may 2016) and the museums of Grand Rodez (fall 2016).

Supported by Loterie Romande, the association des amis de l'Art Brut, Fondation Sandoz and Retraites Populaires.

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Practical information


5 june - 4 october 2015

Opening reception

Thursday 4 june 2015, 6:30pm

Exhibition curator

Mario Del Curto, photographer, and Charles Soubeyran, independent curator


Guy Brunet réalisateur – Les studios Paravision, under the supervision of Mario Del Curto, Charles Soubeyran, Sarah Lombardi and Till Schaap. Graphic design: Werner Jeker, Lausanne/ Berne, Collection de l’Art Brut/ Till Schaap, 2015 (232 pages, 200 photographs and illustrations).

Short film

A short portrait filmed by Bastien Genoux (Detours Films) is screened in the exhibition


The Guy Brunet réalisateur – Les studios Paravision exhibition is partly accessible to persons with reduced mobility..

Free guided tour
duration 60 min.

saturday, 13 june, 2pm
saturday 12 september, 2pm
online booking, within the limits of the seats available.

Guided tours for the public at large are scheduled for the same times as the Young People's workshops..

Young public workshop (ages 6-12)
Duration 1h30/ Fee: 10.- per child

saturday, 13 june, 2pm
saturday 12 september, 2pm
online booking, within the limits of the seats available.

Guided tours

Upon request for groups and classes: in French, German, English and Italian.

Free guided tour for teachers (duration 60 min)

Thursday 17 june, 5:00pm
online booking, within the limits of the seats available.

Special evening event in collaboration with Cinémathèque suisse (Capitole movie house)

Tuesday 2 june 2015, 8pm

Screening of a film classic selected by Guy Brunet :
An American in Paris, by Vincente Minnelli, USA, 1951, 112’, restored digital copy

With Guy Brunet and the exhibition curators in attendance

Cinéma Capitole - Avenue du Théâtre 6 - 1005 Lausanne
Bookings on the Cinémathèque suisse website

Under the auspice of the "Jardins de l'Art Brut" open air screening evening

saturday 4 july (opening 6pm, screenings 10pm)

Guy Brunet : La fabuleuse histoire de la Paravision [THE FABULOUS PARAVISION STORY] , by Renée Garaud & Lilian Bathelot, 2013, 57’
With Guy Brunet in attendance

Guy Brunet, a short portrait filmed by Bastien Genoux (Detours Films)

GUY BRUNET - extraits from Bastien Genoux on Vimeo.


The exhibition Guy Brunet filmmaker - Paravision studios - 05.06. - 04.10.2015 is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.