Death of Art Brut author Melvin Way

The Collection de l'Art Brut was saddened to learn of the death of American Art Brut artist Melvin Way on 4 February.

Melvin Way's work was discovered in the 1980s during an artistic workshop set up at a New York center for the homeless. Melvin Way does his works on pieces of paper and torn pages. He uses transparent scotch tape to protect certain drawings or when he wants to add new inscriptions. His works are small and often done on both sides of a support. They feature random letters, words at times cut off, repeated mathematical or chemical formulas, and graphic signs, all generally done in blue or black ballpoint pen. These mysterious messages — which only their creator himself can understand — seem endowed with magic and apotropaic powers. 

The Lausanne museum owns 5 works by this artist in its collections, which were shown in the "Acquisitions 2012-2018" exhibition from 8 June 2018 to 3 March 2019.


Publish Date: 13.02.2024