Death of Iranian Art Brut author Davood Koochaki

24.06.2020 - general

It is with deep sadness that the Collection de l'Art Brut announces the death of Davood Koochaki (1939 - 2020) on June 20th. 

Davood Koochaki (1939) was born in Rasht, a city in the northwest of Iran. He left school at seven to work with his parents in the paddy fields. In 1952, he left for Teheran, where he found a job as a garage mechanic. Nights, he enjoyed joining various intellectual circles — although he himself was illiterate to all extents and purposes — and drinking heavily. He married when he was twenty-four; that same year, he opened his own garage. The couple had four children.

In his mid-sixties, once retired, Davood Koochaki began doing drawings He has been encouraged in this hobby by his son-in-law, who provides him with high-quality materials. He uses lead pencil and colored pencils only, winning him the nickname "Pencil Man" among his inner circle. He enjoys drawing mainly black and dense shapes against a white background: these depict mysterious beings and imaginary animals. 

The Collection de l'Art Brut showed several works by Davood Koochaki in the exhibition "New Acquisitions" from June 8, 2018 to March 3, 2019.