Art Brut Around the World - June 6 through November 2, 2014

Art Brut Around the World
"One of our civilization’s most awkward facets is the total separation operated between the order of the rational and the order of the poetic, whereas in all the so-called primitive civilizations [...], these are two closely united orders," asserted the ethnologist Claude Lévi Strauss.

The seven creators whose works have been assembled for this exhibition have maintained the original alliance enabling the two orders, the rational and the poetic, to live together. Their creations—recently discovered or rediscovered in Bali, Brazil, Benin, India, the Far North Arctic, Sicily and Germany—testify to a cosmopolitan Art Brut immersed in poetry.
Some of them cultivate sensitive links with nature and the cosmos, bending an attentive ear, in the manner of a Zen archer. Others assert that the celestial or astral powers accompany them, that they are guided by a god, by spirits, by their ancestors or by voices.

These creators of Art Brut, hailing as they do from a number of countries and continents, show a particular receptiveness; they have the sort of exploratory nature that invites reason to lose its grip, freeing them from reality. Thus we have the garlands of faces that enchant Ni Tanjung's nights, the paintings that tattoo the walls of Giovanni Bosco's town, the worlds of respectively Gustav Mesmer and Ezekiel Messou teeming with flying and sewing machines. Elsewhere, deities and spirits spring out from the shadows under the touch of Kashinath Chawan and Anarqâq.

Featuring works by: Kashinath Chawan (India), Ezekiel Messou (Benin), Ni Tanjung (Bali), Antonio Roseno de Lima (Brazil), Giovanni Bosco (Sicily), Anarqâq (Far North Arctic), Gustav Mesmer (Germany).

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Practical information


June 6 - november 2, 2014

Opening reception

Thursday 5 june 2014, 6pm


Sarah Lombardi

Exhibition curator

Lucienne Peiry,  director of Research and International Relations


L’Art Brut dans le monde, directed by Lucienne Peiry, with a Preface by Sarah Lombardi, Lausanne/ Gollion, Collection de l’Art Brut/ Infolio, 2014, 136 pages


The exhibition is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Free guided tours

Saturday 14 June 11am
Saturday 6 September 2pm
Saturday 4 October 2pm
Online booking, within the limits of the seats available.

The public tours of September 6 and October 4 will take place at the same time as the young people's workshops, so that parents will be free to visit the exhibition while their children create.

Young public workshop (ages 6-12)
Fee: 10.- per child

Saturday 6 September 2pm
Wednesday 17 September 2pm
Saturday 4 October 2pm
Online booking, within the limits of the seats available.

Exhibition activities album

For youngsters ages 6 to 10
Offered free of charge, together with a box of colored pencils.

Two concerts evenings
"A l'aventure musicale de l'Art Brut dans le monde"

Organized jointly with the Haute école de musique (University of Music) de Lausanne (HEMU).
30 October at 7pm and 9pm
31 October at 7pm and 9pm
Limited seating, Online booking
Fee: 15.- (reduced price 10.-)

Guided tours

Upon request for groups and classes: in French, German, English and Italian.

Free guided tours for teachers

Thursday 11 september 5pm
Online booking, within the limits of the seats available.


The exhibition Art Brut Around the World is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.