The Art Brut Fascicle N°16

fascicule 16

The Art Brut Fascicle N°16, 18 x 24 cm, 150 ill. black/white or color, about 160 pp. Since 1964 to 2018. In French. One fascicle CHF 30.-
Price Complete collection, 25 fascicles (N°2 - N°26) : CHF 720.-

The Art Brut Fascicles were launched in 1964 by the painter Jean Dubuffet, inventor of the term "Art Brut," and theorist, exegete and donor of his renowned collection to the City of Lausanne in 1971. Consisting of monographs on Art Brut creators, these reference works represent internationally acclaimed sources of information and deliberation.

L'Art Brut 16

By Zora Fitting: Yanco Domsic; by Luc Debraine: Eugène Gabritschevski; by John M. MacGregor: Ted Gordon; by Daniela Camerin: Benjamin Bonjour; by Roger Cardinal: Michel Nedjar; by Elisabeth Raaflaub-Simon: Edouard Boschey; by Maurice Born: Eugenio Santoro; by le Dr Manfred In der Beeck: Helmut; by Enrique Alfonso Garcia: Pepe de Valence; by le Dr Pierre Maunoury: René le bedeau.

Collection de l'Art Brut, Lausanne, 1990.

The Art Brut Fascicle N°16



CHF 30.-