Bestioles - October 30, 2005 through July 2, 2006

The Collection de l’Art Brut is inhabited by all sorts of funny-looking, crazy or mysterious creatures. These animals, real or imaginary, were created by self-taught artists. Eugenio Santoro sculpted wood, whereas Rodolfo Abella assembled branches and roots he collected, each then giving shape to a life-size horse. Heinrich Anton Müller drew a horned squirrel in graphite, while Ignacio Carles Tolrà painted a fantastical bird with bright colours. These creatures invite visitors to discover Art Brut’s strange or mischievous bestiary.
Mankind has represented animal figures from time immemorial. Numerous creators of Art Brut have chosen this subject. Some of them imbue animals with human characteristics or attributes, but most artists focus on the brutish nature, the wildness of an animal. They invent beings that can arouse agitation, even fear, or fascination, a sense of wonder.

The Bestioles exhibition consists exclusively of works belonging to the Collection de l’Art Brut. The selection is particularly addressed at a young audience (3 and up). A varied choice permits the discovery of sculptures, paintings and drawings created by around twenty artists. The space is limited to a single room so that children can easily see all the works, and the presentation makes them accessible to small as well as older children. The interest of children in these unusual creations is obvious: the world of Art Brut intrigues and captivates them, and in it they feel in their element.

Practical Information


Octobre 30, 2005 to July 2, 2006
Private view Saturday October 29, 2005, 4 pm


Anic Zanzi


Lucienne Peiry et Anic Zanzi, Bestioles d’Art Brut, Paris, Editions Thierry Magnier, 2006.


The exhibition Bestioles is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.